December 20, 2019

What is Important to You This Christmas?

What is Important to You This Christmas?

With Christmas Day just around the corner, schools and business around the country are winding down for the break. This time of year can mean different things to different people, so what does it mean to you? What is important to you this Christmas?


Loneliness is now at an epidemic level around the world, including one in four Australians who are affected regularly. If you, a family member or friend are vulnerable to feelings of loneliness, this can unfortunately be amplified during the Christmas season. Companionship is so important during Christmas time, whether this is with family, friends or colleagues. What would Christmas be without companionship? After all, it is this sense of connection that we treasure amongst the excitement, fairy lights, food, carols and gifts.

Supporting Your Community

A sense of community is so important for shared experiences, especially during the Christmas and New Year break for events such as carols and Christmas markets. Through interacting with the wider community such as sporting groups, shared interest groups, religious communities and volunteer groups, Christmas is a time when communities celebrate the year that was and come together for support. The power of community is in working towards a common goal, and sharing that feeling of accomplishment with those who have experienced it with you – and what better time than the end of the year to celebrate what the community has achieved together. The Home Care Heroes community is proud of our latest achievement, providing our Members more than 50,000 hours of BONUS disability support (and counting!) in their NDIS support budget, thanks to our affordable $35 per hour flat rate including weekends and public holidays!

Giving to Others

As Winston Churchill once famously said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. Christmas is the season for giving, and while the shops may be full of people frantically purchasing last-minute gifts, your time and support of another person is perhaps the greatest gift of all. If you have considered social work and are looking for a way to give back to your community and learn new skills, get in touch as Home Care Heroes wants to hear from you! We provide rewarding, fun and flexible paid work for Heroes throughout NSW.

Reflection and Appreciation

This time of year causes many people to think about their achievements gained and lessons learned.  Internal reflection and questions arise such as what have you achieved this year? Is it what you expected? How do you feel? Are you where you wanted to be? It’s a time of year to appreciate those who share their lives with us, and to consider what we are grateful for. With every ending comes a new beginning, and the summer Christmas break provides a perfect time to plan for the future. Looking forward, what do you want to achieve next year?

Home Care Heroes is on a mission to end loneliness and social isolation due to a variety of reasons such as disability, illness or ageing. We have Heroes who provide non-medical home care services located throughout the greater Sydney region, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast of New South Wales. Home Care Heroes is open during the holiday season, and remains committed to a competitive $40 per hour flat rate including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years’ Day – so you or your loved one never have to feel alone. Sign up now to be matched up with a Hero who has been carefully-screened, lives in your local area and aligns with your values and interests.