Using our listening skills to combat loneliness.

By Home Care Heroes Team • January 16, 2019

Sometimes when people feel lonely, it is a result of feeling as if they  have no one to turn to with their ups and their downs. Not having a place to go or a person to share your experience with can make a person feel all the more isolated. The feeling of loneliness is upsetting and can even be scary. Having at least one person to turn to is more of a relief than some can imagine.

We take for granted the value of someone else's ability to listen to us and to be our outlet. Our society is full of talk, but how much of the information, the stories, the good and bad news reports are we encoding into our brains? We hear so much, but we understand or act on so little. 

However, this is an easy fix. Practicing a mindset that is searching for what others' have to say is something that can help your listening skills. Sitting down with a friend, a family member or even a stranger and just listening to what they have to say is a little act that goes a long way. You never know if what the person has to say is something they've been holding in for so long, or a piece of information that exposes their need for help. Even if you have no response for what it is a person is saying to you, your ability to show empathy and to understand what they have to say can clear the stress and anxiety from another's conscious.

At Home Care Heroes, our Heroes work every day to be the best companion that they can be to our Members. Many times just an hour of conversation per week between a Hero and a Member can improve the liveliness and the happiness  between both the Member and Hero. Heroes often times serve as a genuine outlet to those who may feel lonely or may feel lonely themselves. When a person truly listens to another person, the concepts understood are what creates the strong bonds that our Heroes and Members share for the rest of their lives. 


 Often times, lonely people will not admit they are lonely, naturally, so as community members and good people, it is our job to look for signs of loneliness that could indicate someone is in need of a pair of ears. Some signs and events that may suggest a person needs someone to converse with or to listen to what is going on in their lives include:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss/change of a job
  • Leaving school or university
  • Moving
  • Getting older 
  • Physical or mental pain
  • Abnormal silence or change in social behavior

The list is not limited to those above, but as Heroes, looking for signs of the like is helpful in determining when a person may be lonely, and when a person may need someone to turn to.

And that is when our Heroes step in! Not all heroes wear capes, but all heroes know how to listen to someone in some way, shape or form.

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