Using our listening skills to combat loneliness.

By Home Care Heroes Team • January 16, 2019

Sometimes when people feel lonely, it is a result of feeling as if they have no one to turn to with their ups and their downs. Not having a place to go or a person to share your experience with can make a person feel all the more isolated.

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Our Mental health alongside Social Isolation

By Home Care Heroes Team • January 10, 2019

Far too often in our society, we let social media label the happiness of an individual or a group. What we 'see' on platforms like Instagram and Facebook lead us to believe that some of those we 'follow' are perfectly happy and have their lives so effortlessly put together.

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A tale of two heroes

By Bev & Stuart H. • August 30, 2018

A carer's experience on being a Hero and being a companion to people with disability, who are elderly and ill.

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#NotAlone: 10 Surprising Facts about loneliness

By Home Care Heroes Team • July 25, 2018

Loneliness facts and reasons why solving social isolation and loneliness are so important. Starting Not Alone Day to highlight and promote solving loneliness.

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National #NotAlone Day

By Home Care Heroes Team • July 17, 2018

National Loneliness Day highlighting the importance of solving loneliness through building relationships and companionship with people who are elderly, have disabilities, are ill or injured

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Looking For A Fun And Fulfilling Job? Become A Home Care Hero!

By Luke G. • July 16, 2018

Looking for fun, fulfilling and flexible work? Become a Hero. Participate in social inclusion, make friends and make a difference, all while getting paid!

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