Our Mental health alongside Social Isolation

By Home Care Heroes Team • January 10, 2019

Far too often in our society, we let social media label the happiness of an individual or a group. What we 'see' on platforms like Instagram and Facebook lead us to believe that some of those we 'follow' are perfectly happy and have their lives so effortlessly put together.

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How to be more Inclusive this Christmas

By Alyssa Wynants • December 19, 2018

While most of us are busy preparing for all these things, it’s easy to forget how lucky we really are. For some people, Christmas time represents none of these things. It can be a time of loneliness and grief. Here are a few ways to be more inclusive during Christmas.

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#herostories: Our SuperHero, Valentina.

By Home Care Heroes Team • December 5, 2018

Meet Val, our superhero. She's been an outstanding hero with many experiences with different members of the Home Care Heroes Community. Valentina explains what drove her decision to join Home Care Heroes, her favourite experience and what she's learnt from being a hero. Read about her experience here.

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Home Care Heroes as NDIS Approved Providers

By Home Care Heroes Team • November 23, 2018

Home Care Heroes is a NDIS Approved Providers. HCH is able to help more Australians with social skills, isolation and independence. By offering social support, members are able to learn and build skills, create friendships and meet their goals through a simple and affordable service.

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Hero and Member Journey: Listen to Bev and Brooke's Interview

By Home Care Heroes Team • November 21, 2018

Home Care Heroes believe in tackling social isolation for the vulnerable by offering companionship and social support. Bev and Brooke, our Hero and Member, have been friends through HCH since the beginning. Listen to the interview with Bev and Brooke, who have shown how HCH has helped them.

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Opening the Door to Nature for People with Disabilities

By Taryn Young • November 12, 2018

NSW Hiking accessibility. People with disability hiking/bushwalking tracks. NSW National Parks and Wildlife changed and created a trail rider for wheelchairs, mobility options and accessibility facilities. Inclusive community for people with disability.

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Social Isolation and its effects towards the elderly

By Home Care Heroes Team • November 6, 2018

As we face an increase in the aging population in Australia, there are concerns of the rise of social isolation amongst the older generation. The effects of social isolation is strongly affected the physical and mental wellbeing of the elderly.

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Living with Purpose

By Home Care Heroes Team • September 13, 2018

Benefits of living a life with passion and purpose and our Hero's experience applying his passions to purpose, providing companionship and building connections with people in his community.

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Straying away from stroke

By Home Care Heroes Team • September 7, 2018

Sharing some stories of stroke survivors who, along with their Hero companions, continue to lead fulfilling, healthy and happy lives. Have a look at some of the tips we have to prevent stroke and how to continue leading a full life after stroke.

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A tale of two heroes

By Bev & Stuart H. • August 30, 2018

A carer's experience on being a Hero and being a companion to people with disability, who are elderly and ill.

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