Let the New Year bring you a Cape

By Home Care Heroes Team • January 3, 2019

With new year's resolutions on your mind as 2019 comes about, don't think of just the things you want to get rid of or stop doing, but also consider the opportunity to add new things, new people and new routine into your life. 

Becoming a Hero is a simple way to add all of the above into your daily life. Joining Home Care Heroes is an opportunity for almost anyone seeking adventure, compassion and a rewarding companionship. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and from all backgrounds. They can be university students, high school leavers, people in need of work or anyone looking to get involved and make a difference. Our superheroes get paid to work with amazing people and experience amazing adventures. Going to the beach, taking walks and exploring cities are among the infinite list of activities that heroes get paid to do with their members.

Not only is the opportunity for work so flexible and accessible for anyone willing to join, the work of a Hero is rewarding in a way that is indescribable. Heroes often times build mutual friendships that provide a meaning to life that wasn't present before working with Home Care Heroes. Heroes lend their skills and company to members with varying needs. Heroes also earn $27.30/hour! 

The time spent between Heroes and Members frequently becomes the thing that each looks forward to most in their busy lives. Coming to work as a Hero is one of the easiest jobs to get excited about! It is hard to resist earning income to visit the beach, explore new places or attend new showings here and there all while enjoying the company of genuine people.

If making a difference in both your life and the lives of others is something that you hope to accomplish in 2019, becoming a hero is the perfect opportunity for you. To become a hero, check out our website here and explore all that Home Care Heroes has to offer.

Getting involved is super simple. The application process includes a written portion found on the website. Once accepted by our team, you will be invited to an induction session. After successfully completing this process, you will be an activated hero and can begin booking missions as soon as you would like! For more information about the process or the benefits that all heroes endeavor through the work they do, contact our team here.

Again, 2019 is the time to bring about new change to your life. Putting on the cape that comes with being a hero is the simplest yet most exciting change you can make for yourself. Becoming a hero can cover more than just one new year's resolution, so take the plunge while it is the perfect time and experience a new routine that changes your life in more ways than you can imagine!

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