September 13, 2019

Home Care Heroes as NDIS Approved Providers

Home Care Heroes as NDIS Approved Providers

In September 2016, Home Care Heroes became NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Approved Providers. This was a milestone for their members and for Home Care Heroes. By being NDIS Approved Providers, Home Care Heroes is able to help more Australians with social skills, reducing social isolation and improving independence. By offering dedicated care and disability support, members are able to learn and build skills, create friendships and meet their goals through a simple and affordable service.

Home Care Heroes connects the most vulnerable people in the community with people they trust to provide companionship and non-medical service. Our Heroes are trusted, energetic, responsible, bold and idealistic, and they go through a hand-picked process of inductions, police checks and online training to be quality Heroes.

Vulnerable individuals who are faced with social isolation can significantly affect their  social skills, mental health, independence, and are susceptible to loneliness. Vulnerable individuals can range from elderly parents, people with disabilities, and individuals faced with a short term or long term illness.

Companionship services not only creates friendship between the Hero and member, but it also allows members to have assess to have a high quality of life. Heroes can assist with shopping, take members on hikes and concerts, help with independent skills and assist with transportation. Companionship services aims to mentor and be a helping hands to members, whilst building strong friendships and assisting members to achieve their goals.

Home Care Heroes offers affordable and flexible companionship services to assist you, with a $40 per hour flat rate including weekends and public holidays. We understand how difficult it can be, our platform and customer service is simple and guided by an understanding of our members and Heroes. We are both NDIS Approved Providers and a direct service.

With plenty of vetted Heroes to choose from in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast NSW, sign up now to find someone based in your local area who has similar interests to your own.