November 7, 2018

Hero Stories: Our Hero, Nick, accepted into the Doctorate of Medicine.

Hero Stories: Our Hero, Nick, accepted into the Doctorate of Medicine.

There are moments in life when you decide that direction in life. Sometimes that decision comes in the smallest fraction of time. For Nick, it was the knee surgery when he was 16 years of age that he started to consider the career pathway to medicine. We decided to ask Nick a few questions to gather insight on the mindset and decision making of applying to a medical degree, and how Home Care Heroes has helped him over the last few years.

1) What makes a perfect day?

My perfect day would start with an early morning surf with a couple of mates, followed by a few hours I can dedicate to my hobbies.

The afternoon would be catching up with friends over lunch, having a laugh and possibly even a mojito.

The evening would be spent with family and my partner, relaxing and watching The Office (US).

2) What made you join Home Care Heroes?

It was the next logical step after my undergraduate degree, considering I had no intention/passion on working solely in medical research. I wanted to find a way to apply what I learned in my degree in a people-oriented setting. I got pretty close!

I was drawn to disability especially because of my passion for social equity. I think life can be tough for us all, but it can be especially challenging if you have a disability. It’s a field where I think often a little goes a long way, and there’s many misconceptions about the abilities and perceived competencies of those who have a disability (and I was certainly no exception) so it was all the more reason to get involved and try to brighten someone’s day.

3) Do you remember your first HCH mission? If so, what it was like?

Yeah, I don't think I'll forget it. I rocked up to my member's house, and I honestly had no idea what to expect. I was met with the big, loud, iconic "Hi!" by a young man in a bright yellow button up shirt. The task was to help him with using a computer, as well as taking him through his daily chores. Watching the way he paid attention to detail and completed all of his chores way better than I could totally challenged my perspective on "disability". I remember thinking that I'd struck gold calling this kind of thing "work". Almost two years, an overseas trip to China and countless memories later, it’s pretty safe to say I did.

4) Did you always know you wanted to enrol into medicine?

Nope! The very first career aspiration I had was actually to open a Chinese restaurant and perform magic for the customers. Don't ask me though, I was five. I had no direction in high school regarding a career, and it wasn't until I was 16 after a knee surgery that I began to consider medicine. I should also add that I’ve been applying to medical schools since I was 18, so 6 years of applying and being rejected at the various stages made me realise that it was indeed what I wanted out of life.

5) What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?

I think pragmatically, finding a balance between university and my other interests. I’d love to continue my musical education and learn more about producing music. Getting something on the radio would be pretty cool. Who knows though, I might just open up that Chinese restaurant.

Congratulations Nick on getting the offer to Notre Dame! The Home Care Heroes Team are happy and excited to see your next steps!

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